Preparation Tips for NEET UG 2016 Stage-II | Tips & Tricks for NEET

NEET Tips and Tricks

National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) will be governed by the CBSE Board for selecting students for admission into various medical and dental courses such as MBBS and BDS. This is the only medical entrance test organized for admission in medical courses that’s why a large number of students appear for this exam. NEET 2016 examination is  one of the toughest examination, but it can be cracked easily by implementing the tips and tricks. Here we are providing you the NEET 2016 Preparation Tips which will help you to score better in this examination.

  • Physics : DO NOT blindly mug up the formulae which are given in study materials. They seem like the easiest way to approach problems but they don’t help at all because most questions which are given aren’t so direct. So really try and understand the concept behind everything you should be so familiar with the concept that you can derive the formula by yourself when you see a particular question.
  • Chemistry : Chemistry is a subject you have to practice keep on solving equations , understand the structural formation of compounds especially in organic chemistry . Keep practicing you will get good at it with time.
  • Biology : Study , study and study . Most questions from biology are pretty direct , but there is so much information that it is really difficult to remember even very easy questions. Only thing one can do is revise periodically .
  • Physics is a subject I had given a little more time to because biology and chemistry most good students will be able to get decent marks in I have observed but most people fumble with physics . So if you are confident with physics you have a HUGE advantage .So I would urge you to do the same.
  • On the exam: Keep writing mock exams and take them very seriously just like how you would take the final exam . With practice you would get better  at it , your speed will improve. Time management is very important and you will learn that only by  trying different methods and finally deciding on a method which works best for you . Also , please avoid silly mistakes. Remain calm and composed .
  • All the very best for your exams I know it’s a very stressful period but give it everything you have got :). Hope to see you in the medical field very soon.
  • Know the syllabus of the examination well: 
    • Candidates should know the complete syllabus of the NEET-UG exam.
    • Contenders can compare the syllabus with  their Board exam syllabus as this will be beneficial for you if there are common chapters as you will not need to prepare them separately and this will give you sufficient time to focus on the parts of the syllabus that are not covered.
  • Make a Schedule of Study:
    • Until and unless you make a entire schedule of the way you want to study, you will not be able to complete the syllabus.
    • Mark out the important chapters that you require to prepare from the beginning and chapters that will need only revision. Working in this way will help you cover every part of the syllabus regularly. Give time for every segment and try and maintain that.
  • Work On Weaker Areas:
    • It might happen that you are very strong in one subject and weak in the further. Do not feel depressed by the same.
    • Make an effort and work hard more on the weaker areas to build up them. If required, take help from a friend or senior or take extra classes for the subject. This will help in defeating the horror of your weak point efficiently.
  • Practice Mock Test Papers:
    • One of the greatest obstacles of the NEET-UG examination is the time restriction. Candidates have to finish 180 questions in 180 minutes (3 hours). It means they can give a maximum of 1 minute for each question.
    • Time management is a compulsory skill that is essential for this exam. While practicing at home, make definite that you keep the time restriction in mind.
    • Try to solve the query in lesser time so that you have some time for final revision as well.

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