How to prepare General Knowledge for AIIMS Exam (MBBS UG)?

Whenever students think to prepare for AIIMS Exam, they got stuck with question “How to prepare General Knowledge for AIIMS Exam”. So I am writing this blog to help you and to give some tips about preparation of AIIMS-GK.

The All India Institute of Medical Science is the best medical college of India. AIIMS Exam (MBBS UG) is a national level undergraduate medical entrance exam conducted by AIIMS, New Delhi, for admission to MBBS programme offered in AIIMS Colleges. This exam is a computer based exam and conducted in two slots. The duration of each slot is 3 hours and 30 minutes. It consists of 200 multiple questions asked from the subject of Physics, Chemistry, biology and General Knowledge. General Knowledge section is consists of 20 questions for 20 marks (10 questions from general knowledge and 10 from logical thinking).

Every student has a dream of getting admission in AIIMS College. But general knowledge becomes hurdle for them. “How to prepare general knowledge for AIIMS is a baffling question for all medical aspirants. So many students ignore this subject rather than to prepare. In the end, they have to pay for it. General knowledge is not only important for this exam but also important in our life. Without general knowledge we are ignorant. From the point of view of this exam, General Knowledge is very important subject. This not only helps in your selection but also improves your rank. This is a scoring subject as well as time saving also. After having so many benefits still, many students don’t prepare this exam. Before getting the solution of this problem, we need to understand why students ignore this subject.

Why students ignore this subject:-

  1. Misguidance: Many coaching institutes don’t teach this subject in their classes; even they ask students not to study GK for AIIMS. In an exam in which students fights for single-single marks, how the coaching institutes can ask students to ignore 20 marks.
  2. Material not available: Many students want to study but they don’t find relevant study material.
  3. Vast Subject: Many students think that GK is very vast subject. This is true that GK is very vast. But from the point of view of AIIMS, GK is not vast, it has fixed syllabus as well as fixed pattern of questions. AIIMS-GK can be covered in 30-40 days easily.
  4. Focused on Other subjects: Many students think that by ignoring this subject, they can focus on other subject i.e Physics, chemistry and Biology and can compensate by scoring good marks in other subjects. But reality is something different.
  5. Ignorant: Some students don’t know about the syllabus of AIIMS Exam, they think that syllabus of NEET and AIIMS is same. So they ignore this subject by mistake.

Why you should prepare AIIMS-GK:-

  1. Scoring Subjects: GK is very scoring subject in AIIMS Exam. If you know the facts and figure, you can answer easily and can score even 20 out of 20. You can’t score 100 % in any other subject with ease.
  2. Time Saving: GK question are directly based on facts if you know the facts you can answer within seconds. Otherwise, you will not attempt. So it will save your time.
  3. Less Chance of Negative Marking: In this subject either you know the answer or you don’t. So there are very less chances of negative marking. It will help to improve your score. By scoring in this section you can improve your rank with leap and bounds.
    Here is an example, how GK affects ranks in AIIMS exam.

    Result-AIIMS 2014
    S.No Roll No. Rank Total Score (Approx.) PCB Marks (Approx.) GK Marks (Approx.)
     1  4204906  2  149  134  15
     2  4223795  10  144  133  11
     3  4250093  24  138  129  9

    Analyse these result, you will find that difference of total marks is equal to difference in marks obtained in GK section. See the difference between their ranks. No doubt GK enhance your rank also.

  4. Extra Edge: Many students ignore this subject and don’t prepare it. If you are studying general knowledge for AIIMS. You will get an extra edge in AIIMS Exam. You will be ahead of your competitor.
  5. Fixed Syllabus: Many students think that syllabus of GK is very vast. But that is not true. It has fixed syllabus. Questions from Indian History, Geography, Polity, Economics, Sports, Important Prizes, Festivals, first in India, First in world, Important discovery, Abbreviation, Important days, Important events happened in the year and logical reasoning are generally asked in AIIMS Exam. Students needn’t study these subjects in details. Students need to study up to 10th level only not in much detail, great events of history, important geographical location, and headlines of newspaper. This syllabus can be covered in less than 100 pages. Some of the biology chapters have more than 150 pages. So you can understand how limited the syllabus is. If you are in Kota you can attend classroom programme of BeWise Classes, Kota. You can cover this syllabus within 25 Hours.
  6. Fixed Pattern of Questions: In GK section of AIIMS Exam, questions are asked on fixed pattern. 2-3 questions are asked from history, geography and polity. These questions are not purely based on static GK but these are in relevance to current affair events. For e.g
    I. Who was the longest serving prime minister of India? AIIMS 2014
    Answer – Jawaharlal Nehru
    Why this question was asked in 2014? As we know Jawaharlal Nehru took birth on 14 November 1889. If we subtract 1889 from 2014, we get 125. So 2014 was the 125th birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru. This number is very important in context of Indian History. So the examiner finds it as a great event in that year. So he correlate current affair event with Indian History. He may have asked question based on Jawaharlal Nehru.
    II. Who gave the slogan of “jai Jawan, Jai Kisan”? AIIMS 2015
    Answer – Lal Bahadur Shastri
    Why this question was asked in 2015? As we know Indo-Pak war was fought in the year 1965. India won this war. Lal Bahdur Shastri was the Indian Prime Minister at that time and he gave the slogan “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan”. If we subtract 1965 from 2015, we get 50. It was
    Golden jubilee of this war. To commemorate this victory examiner may have asked this question.
    III. What is full form of GST? AIIMS 2017
    Answer – Goods and Service Tax
    Why this question was asked in 2017? GST is the great reform in Indian Taxation system. And it remains in headlines of the newspapers throughout the year. So we can analyse that examiner mainly focussed on important events.There are many questions asked in AIIMS exam based on this logic. It is very difficult to explain all questions here. No doubt GK is vast but if student analyses the previous year questions, they may able to find logic behind questions and can prepare GK in short time and in smart way.
  7. Logical Reasoning Questions: AIIMS introduced 10 questions of logical reasoning in the year 2016. These questions are very simple and of low level, even 8th class students can attempt easily. So answering these questions will be cake walk for 12th class students. In this section, pattern of questions is fixed. Questions are asked from the topic like Direction sense test, odd one out, meaningful order, classification, blood relation, mirror image, water image, series completion etc. These topics can be easily prepared within 15-20 days and can score 100 %.

How to prepare AIIMS-GK and Logical Thinking-

  1. Breakfast with Newspaper: Read newspaper every day. Note down important events and headlines from newspaper in a note book. Revise these on monthly basis.
  2. Read any GK book: Purchase a book which is relevant for AIIMS-GK. I have written a book (named General Knowledge, aptitude and logical thinking for AIIMS published by mtg publication) for AIIMS aspirants. You may read that one. This book also covered logical thinking also. Click here to buy –
  3. Discuss with your friends: Whatever you read, discuss it with your friends. It will help you to retain facts and figures.
  4. Play Quizzes: Whatever you study, prepare some questions from it and play quizzes with your friends. Whatever mistake you do, note down those mistake and read it again and again.
  5. Join any test series whichever is available: You may join any test series whichever is available in market. As you will solve the questions, you will be able to remember it easily and you can learn from your mistake. You may join BeWise Classes AIIMS-GK test series. This is unique test series for AIIMS-GK. Click here to join –
  6. Note down your mistake: If you have joined any test series for AIIMS. Note down questions of GK section from these mock tests. And read it again before AIIMS exam.
  7. Do previous year Questions: Go through the previous year questions of AIIMS and find out the GK questions’ pattern asked in AIIMS Exam. Analyse these questions (as I discussed above) and make a strategy how to prepare this section for AIIMS.
  8. Practice logical thinking questions: 10 questions are asked from logical thinking section. Attempt as many as questions you can before the AIIMS exam. It will help to grasp concept of logical thinking questions.
  9. YouTube Channel: There are many YouTube channels which are dedicated for general knowledge preparation. You can watch video relevant for AIIMS exam and can make notes of GK section from it. I have also YouTube channel named BeWise AIIMS GK Institute for medical aspirants. You may subscribe BeWise Classes’s YouTube channel by clicking here –

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